Data VIZ

An Assortment of NFL/CFB tools built by Zeno Muscarella (@theDudeZee on twitter)
Special thanks to Peter Howard (@pahowdy on twitter) for the College Football data
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1. Select Draft Class Year(s)
2. Select Positions to include
3. Select Players to plot
3. Select Metric to plot

**Default Baseline regression is trained on the average metric value of top 24 Positional FF season (2005-2020).
Use the custom baseline filters below to adjust how the regression is trained
Fill out the below to change the default baseline filters
**Its highly recommended to leave age as 18-22 due to low sample of 23 y/os

Use this tool to regress seasonal receiving metrics onto one another
All data from @nflfastR
1. Select Metrics To Regress
2. Optional: Select Size Variable
3. Select Filters
*no rushes or fumbles included


Similarity Score beta application

Use this tool to see how the selected player compares to other players given the selected metrics
The lower the similarity score, the closer two players are related based on the metrics selected

1. Select Metric(s)
2. Select Player to Analyze
3. Select Criteria for comparison players


Use this tool to run stability tests on your own data!

1. Download the CSV template
Template File
2. Fill template file with your data and upload

1. Please ensure that the first row in the upload file is identical to the template
2. The 2nd row in the upload file controls the plot labels